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Wood Mastic Powder Classic''P340''

Bi-Component for major repairs - Perfect resumed tint


The Wood Mastic Powder Classic is suitable for major repairs to all wood interior.

Properties: First Bi Component Without Solvent.

The Wood Mastic Powder Classic is an environmentally friendly product.
It has been developed from natural products.

The Wood Mastic Powder Classic is prepared with water, it respects the environment and is not classified as hazardous material.
It is solvent free and has a strong grip.

The Wood Mastic Powder Classic allows perfect recovery of hues.

The Wood Mastic Powder Classic is economical, with 1kg of powder yields 1.3 kg of paste.

Through its components and its finesse the Wood Mastic Powder Classic gives relief lasts, easy to sand that n'encrasse not abrasive strips.

The Wood Mastic Powder Classic will run as smooth without a spatula.

Very hard and very dense, Wood Mastic Powder Classic is a saw, nails, screws, is lime, pumice is, is tinged, to wax, varnish, vitrifies like wood.


Dry wood and clean, free of traces of wax or dirt (sanded and stripped if necessary). A dusting meticulous screening is recommended.

Application: Strong adhesion and hardness.

Choose the shade of Wood Mastic Powder Classic closest to the final color desired.

Mix 3 doses of powder for 1 dose of water.
Leave for 15 minutes.

The Wood Mastic Powder Classic once prepared can be kept 48 hours in closed jar.
Prepare the amount of cement needed for repairs.

Up to 7mm deep cracks and knots may be blocked and smoothed into a single operation without removal.
Beyond proceed in 2 successive passes.

After drying, Wood Mastic Powder Classic should be lightly sanded to achieve a perfect finish.

Cleaning utensils: WATER

: Light Wood, Bois Blond, Dark Wood, Exotic Wood.


Commodities: Animal and vegetable glues.

     * Sanding: between 4 and 8 hours depending on the size of the repair.
     * Full cure: 24 pm
     * Pot life: 48 pm closed jar.
     * Adherence: 10kgF/cm ².
     * Shore Hardness: 66.
     * Conservation: the powder will keep for unlimited free from moisture.

Not flammable.
Developed and manufactured in France.

Regulatory information:
Refer to Data Sheet (FDS) (available for on

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Sheet released by the Technical Service 06.09,08 and Commercial Department. Designed, developed and manufactured in France.The information provided in this data sheet are given in good faith for guidance. They do not in any case induce a guarantee from us, or take our responsibility when using our products. This technical data sheet supersedes all previous versions.

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